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Help for the mail service

If you need help setting up the email program, please contact our IT-ServiceTeam.

Configuration information for experienced users

  • Protocol:
    • POP3 or IMAP in combination with SMTP
  • Server for incoming and outgoing mail:
    • mail.uni-siegen.de
  • User ID of the ZIMT account:
    • ab1234567@uni-siegen.de (= initials + combination of numbers + "@uni-siegen.de")
      (or gx123@uni-siegen.de for older User IDs)
    • g123456@uni-siegen.de for Students
Service Port/encryption Port/encryption Authentication method
POP3 110/STARTTLS 995/SSL/TLS Password, normal or plain text
IMAP 143/STARTTLS 993/SSL/TLS Password, normal or plain text
SMTP 25/STARTTLS 587/STARTTLS Password, normal or plain text