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With the mail service of ZIMT you have the possibility to view and send e-mails.

Webmail provides a secure, encrypted access. (Attention: Access without encryption is no longer available!).

See the Help Link for a detailed description of how to configure the settings of common e-mail programs and those to ward off annoying spam mails.

In addition to other services, employees can also request an e-mail address in the online user account managemen

Mailservice for students

students at ZIMT are assigned an e-mail address by the University of Siegen. These can be activated independently via your personal unisono account.

It is possible to set up a forwarding to a private e-mail address.

Additional information text for e-mails received from external e-mail servers but with a internal sender address

Due to the current threat of phishing e-mails, e-mails that are delivered by external servers but have a internal university sender address will be provided with an additional information text above the actual e-mail content in future. We ask you to be particularly attentive to these e-mails.

The note in HTML-mail and in text-mail:

SPAM-Disclaimer HTML

SPAM Disclaimer Text Only

Webmail is a secure and encrypted webbased access to your e-mail.

E-mail from self-hosted e-mail servers or various services such as sciebo, Google Groups, kompetenzzentrum-siegen, SoSci Survey, etc. also fall under this measure, as these services also send with a university sender address.

Hinweise zum Einsatz der Google Suche