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VPN (Virtual Private Network) offers the possibility to connect from a foreign network (e.g. from home) to the network of the University of Siegen in a tap-proof and tamper-proof way. Thus, you have access to contents and services of the university, which are otherwise only accessible within the university. Examples are licensed databases and electronic journals with full texts of the University Library.

Access happens via the free, open-source-based solution OpenVPN.

User name and password are the same as those used when logging in to the ZIMT email service (users without @uni-siegen.de).

ZIMT provides different VPN profiles. For most users the univpn profile is the right choice.
If the login via the univpn profile is successful, the user is assigned a random (dynamic) IP address from the VPN address range of the university. Multiple VPN sessions are possible when using this profile on different devices.

The admin vpn profile is only required if special rules are necessary in the firewall which need a static VPN address assigned to the user. An example would be remote access to the workstation from outside the university.
Since the user is assigned a static VPN IP address, several parallel VPN sessions are not possible via this profile.
To get access to the admin-vpn please send an informal mail to sienet-support@uni-siegen.de

The OpenVPN service is fully IPv6 enabled. In addition to the IPv4 address, an IPv6 address is also assigned and traffic for both protocols is redirected through the tunnel. This is also the case if the network in which the terminal device is located does not itself have an IPv6 Internet connection.

If you have problems with the installation or with the establishment of the connections, please have a look at our F.A.Q. area or contact the IT service team (Room H-D 2205 Tel. 0271 / 740-3249).

Hinweise zum Einsatz der Google Suche